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Psychedelic Creatives

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Hi All,


The Australian Psychedelic Society is in the process of launching a program called Psychedelic Creatives. I'm posting here in hopes (and assurity) that we have a bunch of really amazing artists of all kinds in the SAB community here (remember the term artist broadly applies to all creative expressions). That you all may be able to suggest some great local artists that we could showcase too. So if you'd like to get involved, contact us through the new APS website link below  - or drop the contact details and examples of an artist you admire in the thread here. 

The Psychedelic Creatives project will focus on those working as an amateur, semi or semi-professional creatives in order to support those making, or attempting to make an income in the creative arts within our community with a notable 'body of work' to demonstrate. Psychedelic inspiration can be explicit or implicit, but there needs to be a link that we can demonstrate. The project will take the form of an interview/article (either video or text) where we pose a series of questions to an artist in order to tease out their psychedelic influence and resonance, interspersed with pieces of the artist's work with links to their various project sites and platforms where others can support them in their work

We are therefore calling for submissions from the creatives within our communities so that we can provide a window of support and exposure for the independent artists out there...be they visual artists/musicians/creative writers/poets/sculptors/film-makers/comedians/graffiti artists/performance artists/etc

Below you can register your interest, and we will be in touch regarding your submission. We really look forward to seeing what this amazing community can do!


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nice one, I just made a submission... I'm keen to hear more about your initiative...

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