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Treat like a Pere or Ario?

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Hi All,


I recently acquired a very nice Ariocarpus Reutsus.

It has been grafted onto pere (Yet the pere is short / has been buried into the soil) & I believe the ario is starting to form roots, because of this I'm guessing i should water sparingly as though I'm watering an ariocarpus and not the pere? 


Also, at what stage of root development should I cut out the pere? 


Apologies that I can't upload photos (My phone was $99 at officeworks and won't connect to the PC lol) 



Thank you! 

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i'm not a fan of buried rootstocks


It sounds like you will probably have to cut deeply or along a plane higher than the roots on the ario, because the pere will have grown up into the scion.


I'd probably cut off the pere and wait until the ario was well calloused before placing it onto dry media. You're right that you can't give the ario anywhere near as much water as the pere or it will likely rot.





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Posted (edited)

i got peres grafts, onto lophs and ario, which are healthy since 15 years.


most importantly, don't repot with a potting mix which holds moisture much better, than the potting mix already used!!

the worst, for many plants (catha ephedra & co) is a water line.

water line is a term used, to describe, a soil which retains moisture, much better than another soil (in this case the soil the plant came with) as well in the pot, or even in the garden. i use searls seed rising mix, and like when it turns hydrophobic. most commercial potting mix is designed to, retain moisture, something you don't want for ario and co.


saguaro, gave very good advice, regarding some issues!

just water, once a 14 night and nothing much over winter, if the graft fails, cut the peres out, let the ario dry for weeks and than re root, onto searls seed rising mix, or cacti mix.

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