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Sir Jeans

HUGE Cactus Plants! Buyer to remove (Adelaide, South Australia)

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I'm moving interstate and I have a whole garden of HUGE cactus plants for sale!

This is a great opportunity to buy some very large mature specimens and create an instant and very impressive cactus garden that would normally take decades to grow. Some of these plants are quite spectacular!

Species include: Trichocereus Pachanoi (San Pedro), Trichocereus Bridgesii var Jeans, Pachycereus Marginatum, various Cereus, Spachiana, Agave Americana, and several others. See photos.



Prices range from $0.50 per cm to $1.00 per cm for the Trichocereus species, and less for the others. This applies for both cuttings and if you want to dig up entire plants.

Minimum purchase $100. Most of these plants are $200 or more for the whole plants. Happy to do you a good deal if you buy multiple plants :) 

Buyer to dig up and remove - I won't be able to help due to a muscle strain. You'll need leather gloves, shovel, a wheelbarrow or sacktruck, and ideally a second person to help you lift if buying any whole plants, as they can be quite heavy. You might also want to bring a ute, stationwagon, trailer or similar.

The plants are located in Greenacres, South Australia.

If you're interested, message me to arrange a time to come see them!



Jeans :) 

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