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ceramic heat lamps for frost?

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Has anyone ever heard of have experience with using ceramic heat lamps to stave of frosts?

I am planning treeing out about 2/3 of an acre to make a little faux rain forest kind of thing, i have already picked the plats to make a canopy that should all be fine in my zone and will surround it all with a hedge, some of the plants i was planning on putting under the canopy or in the internal area are somewhat frost prone. i had an idea about using those ceramic bulbs(usually used as heat lamps for incubators and such, so no light but just heat) hooked up to s simple solar/battery system. From my basic understanding of the bulbs it should work with enough of them in a semi enclosed area.

Has anyone here ever tried anything similar to what i am thinking?

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Haven't come across that before, but have crossed just simple old Christmas tree lights under plastic/cloche cover, they were used to keep the temp up enough to stop freeze damage. 


You may be onto something:wink:

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