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Hi, does anyone own a 100% electric car yet? If so how have you found it?  Any advice?  Im new to the technology but here's the sum of my thoughts so far.


Next month I'm poised to buy a 24kwh vehicle which will get me somewhere over 120-130 km.  I can only afford a cheaper 2nd hand model but that range should do for the daily stuff.  Most choices have 80-90% battery life left (2015 model) Supposedly good for 300,000 - 400,000km.

As i live remote I figure i go through about $80 a week at least for juice.  Thats over $4000 a year, the savings would take 5years to pay off the cost of the car ($20000).  To charge from low to full i believe costs about $2-$3 ( by comparison 120km fuel would cost me $15 - $18) . Im planning to get solar panels and a 13.5kwh battery at home and be grid connected.  Im not sure how much of the vehicles charge I'll get straight from the sun or via battery storage, will be interesting to see.  Nowdays the economics still work without the household solar but the dream is of course free transportation and household energy.  

I get good sun 100-250 sun hours varying across the seasons and have excellent all day capture potential. My lifestyle atm is such I'll be able to charge at home most days whilst the sun is at its most intense.  I also have a VW bus I'll keep for camping hols, towing, picking up large things.

Council owned charging stations have popped up in some local towns.  Hobart has fast charging for the after work trip home.

Ive considered holding off until cars are cheaper but the petrol savings ($4000 per year) will probably be higher than the price reduction.  Im also tired of waiting for any government assistance/action as has the planet.

Im really motivated to reduce the family's carbon emissions.  Its time to fuck this puppy!  



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Dunno much about them, although a few northern charging sites have appeared and found a few around grey nomad haunts. When i was working at the uni there was chatter of installing them, but I dunno if they progressed might be worth a chat with anyone around it. It shouldn't be long that if it's got tourists in transit they'll have them. 


I walked past a bank of them somewhere around the Hobart cbd but currently can't recall the position wasn't far from the hospital though. 


I'm intrigued to know how you go mate. I drove a hybrid in a carpool and their silence at traffic lights use to catch me out... Lol



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