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The Corroboree
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where social needs meet mental health

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something knowingly pushed down by those who hold social status. There is no denying the social structures that behold us are frail and somewhat unconscious in nature but why is something so poorly executed being patched up like its gunna last much longer? 


we are social creatures it's one of base needs yet the majority of people go out of their way to make into some over-complicated mess rather than just embracing the fundamentals of what social health entails...a massive game of chinese whispers that is getting old!


this has been happening since the dawn of the 20th century only really started to become a problem around 1950 when programs were launched that would create echo's of dysfunction within society and it's social paradigms. 

I start this thread because I feel like I'm drowning in that sense socially suffocated by a maliciously driven agenda and I'm trying to understand why it's still such a prominent part of who we are as a whole so I can work on rebuilding my own social life that's based on the real me rather then it being based on the person I created in my adolescence...

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