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The Corroboree

Cactus Seedlings for Sale (grown from Misplant seeds) and T. Bridgesii Cutting

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Hi everyone! I have a few seedlings for sale - all grown from Misplant seeds and all between 4-8cm in height:


1. (T. SS01 x T. SS02) x T. Peru. Blue

2. T. Pach. Torres & Torres x T. Pach. Jessica

3. T. Juul's Giant x T. Huanucoensis

4. T. Macrogonus x T. Peru. Clyde

5. T. Scopulicola x T. Zelly12


Each $6 or buy the lot for $25 (one of each).


I also have a 25cm T. Bridgesii unrooted cutting for sale - $25. Have also attached pics of the motherplant.



Buyer pays shipping - $9 for parcel post or $12 for express.


Please check your state's quarantine and customs regulations before making a purchase. 






Mother Plant.jpg

T Bridgesii 25 cm Cutting on Mother Plant.jpg

T Bridgesii 25cm Cutting.jpg

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