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The Corroboree
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Some spores and cultures for sale

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Grow supplies are for gourmet and medicinal use only!

Cubensis Spores: Golden Teacher, Hawaiian, Tasmanian, B+, Koh Samui, Golden Mammoth, Thai Pink Buffalo, Mazatapec, Cambodian, PF Classic, Texas Orange Cap, Stropharia.

Gourmet/Medicinal cultures: Reishi, Hericium Erinaceus (2 diff clones), Hericium Corraloides, Turkey tail, Cordyceps militaris, Tan and King oyster.

Grow Supplies 3x 2.5-3L Oat/Gypsum Grain bags, Pre sterilised with self healing injection ports: $75 $60 with any order of 3 strains or more. Larger quantities and larger bag sizes are of course availabIe, the 3 bag deal is due to ausposts 5kg limit. If you can't be bothered cooking soaking drying jarring sterilising and waiting for everything to cool down then send me a quantity + location and ill send you a competitive price below our competitors :D

We can make up liquid cultures - various recipes and volumes pre sterilised with syringe filter and injection port lids, Pre poured PDYA plates with and without chloramphenicol added,


Payment is taken via paypal or any crypto, im also open to any trades, in particular rare cacti, Kratom and basically any ethnobotanical plant.


I mainly work via other sites but send me a msg and ill get back to you within a day :D 

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