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Thank You Plant Medicine Campaign

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I've come across this group via Facebook - Thank You Plant Medicine. They are looking to coordinate a campaign of people talking publicly about their use of psychedelics and other psychoactive plants & fungi. From their website:



Our mission is to raise global awareness about the benefits of entheogenic plant medicines such as psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, cannabis, peyote, huachuma, and iboga, as well as psychedelic-assisted therapy with MDMA and LSD. We are preparing a viral gratitude campaign to draw the attention of the mainstream media - on February 20th , 2020, 100,000+ people will “come out” on social media worldwide with their stories of personal healing and transformation, using the hashtag #ThankYouPlantMedicine.




Now, I know talking publicly about taking this stuff isn't for everyone. Nor is being on social media. Combine the two, and I imagine that's a bit much for a lot of people. But if you're in a position to contribute to this, I think it would be a good thing. Raising awareness and breaking stereotypes is a good thing. For what it's worth, I'm considering what I'd say openly, and am probably going to overthink it. 


They've got a fair list of organisations partnering with them too: Chacruna.net, ICEERS, Third Wave, and a stack of psychedelic societies - including the Australian one. What they seem to be missing is much engagement from the cannabis communities. Given the issues we have with medicinal cannabis access in Australia, I would have thought this was obvious common ground, but I'm not sure what they've done to reach out.  

I honestly don't know if this campaign will really go anywhere, or if they'll even reach their targets. But I appreciate that they are having a go.

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