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I had to make this post it's not about an SABer but someone who reaped many benefits from without slightest sign of thanks, I don't if many of you know who I am but I was at EGA camped with a guy named ben.... too the point  a lolvely member here gifted me SO many trich seedlings some really cool genetics too ben took on many of them and keep in mind this wasnt a sale, anyway this was years ago but recently saw them posted on a random ticho group for sale UNNAMED! what the fuck is wrong with people I distributed stupid amounts of grafted lophs and trichs within the circle I grew up with and more the findout almost none were grown out and alot just consumed or 'stolen' even just kept away from me because 'drugs a are bad mmkay" the bright side is the corroborree is still around and if the same kind of circumstances come around where I need to restribute my garden hope fully I don't wind up in the same prediciment. rant over :P

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