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The Corroboree
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starting my first gardens (sacred garden an mix non-poisionous garden)

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hi im looking to start myself 2 gardens, but I have very little money.
in my sacred garden I will be including medicinal and legal highs, and as you could guess the other one is the mix one that's just all-sorts.
SO PLEASE inbox me about seeds and so on.
Where in the days of the death of legal highs please help me get on to it before its too late...


Simon’s Legal High Guide

There is a mobile optimized version of this page, view AMP Version.


UPDATE: All legal highs in the UK are banned. All brick & mortar head shops selling legal highs and research chemicals have been closed. This applies to online orders as well. Most legal high stores don’t deliver to the UK anymore (and those that still do are doing it illegally).

More info here: The Psychoactive Substances Bill [HL] 2015-16


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