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naja naja

New tool album out today

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Fear innoculum


check it out, first album in 13years. Close to , but not quite 10000 days. 

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lol ^not even close :lol::lol:


still good news though

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A fictional tale of Curly Locks first listen,


It was a cold, wet, drizzly morning, but after 13 years waiting the time had finally arrived. The sun was just starting to rise, however it looked like a grey sky would prevent the sun from shining on this long awaited, glorious day. Curly locks quickly consumed some breakfast, fuelling his body for what will most likely be the longest and most highly anticipated album of his lifetime, Fear Inoculum. After having a quick browse online, he could see the album was available and ready to stream, but after 13 years of waiting he decided to wait a few more hours. So Curly Locks took a few shots of a revoltingly bitter brew and jumped on his bike to go to the shops to try and buy a real copy of this album. Much to Curly Locks disappointment, purchasing a real copy of this album was not possible, nevertheless, nothing could bring Curly Locks mood down on a day like today, so he grabbed his bike, headed home and prepared for inoculation.  


Curly wasn’t sure whether to have the first listen through headphones or blasting out of speakers, so after some consideration he decided to setup an old speaker system that hadn’t been used in almost 4 years. Once they were setup, Curly put on an old Tool album, pumped up the volume, closed off the house, and went outside to spark a fatty while making sure the volume was loud enough to become fully immersed in the music, while not upsetting the neighbourhood to any significant degree. The last thing Curly wanted was some angry neighbours knocking on his door while his mind is melting and his body is rocking out like he was back at Big Day Out 2007 in his prime.

So the stage was set, the walls were starting to breath, and the fatty had almost finished burning, so it was time to hit play.


Track 1: Fear Inoculum; Epic way to start, Tool are back, back and sounding better than ever


Track 2: Pneuma; holy shit this one was mind expanding, as the guitar riffs echoes around the room Curly noticed the roof, the walls, the floor, everything is now covered in vibrating guitar strings vibrating in synchronistic order. He doesn’t know how it was possible, but it was as if the lyrics were coming from different directions in space, with the vocals in Curlys left ear completing the previous sentence that was being sung into his right ear. The epic layering and breathtakingly stunning visual display this track had evoked left Curly knowing one thing, it didn’t matter how the rest of the album sounded, it was already a complete psychedelic master piece at 2 songs/20 mins in. And don’t get Curly started on how groovee the bongo build up/break down is, holy shit its so rocky and grooveey at the same time. Perfect for dancing your way into a trance like state.


Track 3: Litanie Contre La Peur; provided a much-needed break, with some really strange noises that in no uncertain manner made Curly very aware of how far away from reality his mind had been transported. At this point in time Curly hit pause, stepped outside, sparked another fatty while gazing at some sexy nitrogen hybrids, wow, just wow, what a time to be alive and breathing. A few mins later he jumped back inside, and un-paused the album.


Track 4: Invincible; wow, just wow, it rocked so hard, the way they had used/reworked the guitar strum, rhythm section of Jambi and built it into something even bigger and more powerful left Curly in absolute awe. The spirit of a warrior contained in an epic 12.45 mins track. Mindblown.


Track 5: Legion Inoculant; another noise/filler track, but wow, with epic volume and strong bass, this one left Curly feeling like he was swimming underneath an ocean on a different planet. Really strong powerful vibrations fill the room as Maynard whispers “Bless this immunity” in the most psychedelic fashion imaginable.


Track 6: Descending; holy f##king sh*t, the guitar sound that drops around the 7min mark sounds so primal, the sound is so amazing, words just cant explain how great this song is. This is the sorta shit that inspires future guitar legends to push music to the next level, this is the definition of progressive rock. As Curly absorbs the sounds he wonders, why does this album evoke emotions comparable to falling in love, then he realises, its because he is in love, and after 13 years of not letting go of his love for this band, that bond has just deepened to an unmeasurable level. Then the synth sounds at approx 10 min mark are like revisiting the old days, Third eye from Anemia all over again. Another masterpiece.


Track 7: Culling Voices; reminds Curly a lot of Disposition and Reflection from Lateralus, not so much the sounds or rhythm, but more the feeling it evokes. After making it this far into such a heavy rock album, this track is perfectly placed to give the listener a chance to relax, and reflect upon whats just happened. Then towards the ending the lyrics “don’t you dare point that at me” are so banging, calmly peacefully banging, to the flow of the groove. Tool fans are going to be singing this for decades just like they all love to sing “learn to swim”


Track 8: Chocolate Chip Trip; well that was a mind-melting synth/drum solo that left Curly feeling like he had been transported into some sort of 80s styled arcade game.


Track 9: 7empest; This ones probably the hardest track on the album to describe, clocking in at 15.44 mins its so epic, and so huge, its probably going to take many more listens to fully appreciate. The intricate percussion at the intro is ripped apart with the wildest shredding guitar tone ive heard in a long time, god I love it. Its really takes you back to the early Tool sound. So heavy, so passionate.


Track 10: Mockingbeat: outro noise filler track, left Curly in amazement and awe. After 13 years finally another Tool album had arrived, and after the first listen he knows its going to be the soundtrack to the next decade to come.


For the rest of the afternoon Curly popped on some headphones and walking around the garden enjoying the album for 3 more listens in a row. Headbanging, and dancing around like a fool, puffing upon fatties and enjoying the great vibes. It was a beautiful day indeed and Curly would happily wait another 13 years for something this good.


Bless this immunity


Bless Tool

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Bless the curly locks fool.

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I found it a welcome change in comparison to previous albums. 


Alot of power and force in the composition and lyrical content... Very relevant... More so than 10,000 days imo :P

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