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Wanted: Compound microscope/ trade

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Niggles and I have been looking at microscopy, learning more about it. Um, there's a lot more to it than we thought...


What's become obvious early on in the piece is that my cheapo $50 ebay scope isn't up to the job of looking at stomates and spores. It's not just the magnification, it's the crap optics.


Need a compound scope with illumination, pref LED. Pref with coarse and fine focusing. Magnification to 1000x or more if there's an immersion lens involved ( never used one, no idea how that works ). I wanna see stomates, chromosomes, spores.


Good optics are essential. We'll be attaching a camera to it too. Zeiss. Leica or Olympus lens or similar quality.


If you have a good compound scope at home just sitting round and you'd love to see it get used regularly, gimme a hoi and we'll find a suitable trade for you.

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Sorted. Got a cheapo old Olympus compound offa ebay and retrofitted it with a 5MP camera and a variable + rechargeable LED light. The optics are f*n brilliant. They don't make glass like they used to

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