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The Corroboree

PC Pach + Bridgesii 'Eileen' (deja vu)

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Up for conversion to edible, family-friendly food, via the magic of money are:


A nice tip cut of PC Pach approx. 25cm in length.  Fat and healthy.



A really pretty Bridgesii 'Eileen' tip. > 30cm in length. Spineless (for now), but definitely Eileen.



I'm asking $25 and $35 respectively (or $50 for both). 


Each purchase will get an additional Trichocereus seedling; choose from one of the following:

Rosei x Pach


Cordobensis 'Lance' x Macrogonus 'HSP'

Bridgesii 'Wasting Me' x Red Huascha

MB Scop x J2



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