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Ayahuasca potential interactions with synthetic hormones (specifically Estradiol valerate, Ethinyl estradiol, Spironalactone)

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can anyone shed any light on any potential interactions between Ayahuasca molecules in Aya brews and female trans hormones (specifically synthetics: Estradiol valerate, Ethinyl estradiol and Spironalactone) please? 


I know a girl who is prepping hard for a first flight to fix up some recurring issues in a bid to move on. 


Thankies kindly me fellow entheo community :3

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I think you should be right, mate.

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There could possibly be some changes but in my non-professional opinion, nothing dangerous. Best checking with professionals though. You have to consider your changes to self-concept too which would also impact the journey


There is a strong modulatory influence of estrogen on the serotonin system: there seems to be cross-talk between estrogenic and serotonergic pathways "ovarian steroids bring induction of dendritic spine proliferation on serotonin neurons [with a ] profound effect on serotonergic transmission. " [1]

ERβ negatively regulates 5-HT2A  [a phytoestrogenic diet caused a significant decrease in the expression of 5-HT2A receptors ] and estrogen changes this receptor binding


There is support for the effect of progesterone on 5-HT1A receptor expression by affecting the serotonergic system supporting "relation of the steroid hormone progesterone  to 5-HT1A receptor binding. [2] [3]

There could be some changes to CYP liver enzymes, too - this would alter how quickly things like beta-carbolines stayed active

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