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Acacia acuminata seedlings * tips+suggestions inquiery

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Hello these are both normal form and narrow leaf I was sent a couple years ago. I have sprouted these for a couple months and I brought them up the roof for the duration of the winter, so I am quite amazed they are alright and still growing.. so they are pretty hardgrown by now.... One of the pots was undug by a cat exactly after the repotting, but I thankfully managed to replant them in time and they are still alive.. 


Well, I have been several times in this stage of acacias, after sprouting and keeping them alive for some months but not ever reached maturity.. Any tips and suggestions are more than welcome. The pots are pretty big, compared to those I used last time several years ago. The substrate is used and exposed to the elements recucled soil. 


To be honest, I am giving them the ephedra treatment, even if this is propably not really rational.. That is, sprouting, and then even at 2-3 months old, repotting in a larger container - after all its a tree! 



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Well despite no replies, the 'ephedra treatment' seems to have worked! 


I am so happy to announce that I have 2 narrow leaf and 2 regular plantlets that are well into going pubescent. Unlike previous attempts that never reached this stage.. So kudos to me. no photo right now. 


Well I didn't do much - the very early transplant to a very big pot propartionally with the previous , the winter it spent wet on the roof and the full sun must have done its thing.. But it sure took some time.. The stems seemed to curve a lot before they reached a point they exploded into growth.  Well I also kept an eye on, but I guess the big pots made it more difficult to mistakenly let it dry more than it should. 


I guess the next thing to ask is what is the lowest temp they tolerate when wet, as I am thinking of planting them in the ground, 900m altitude.  along with some ephedras. 

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Hi Sagi, shame you havent had a reply but am glad to read your having success. 

I admit im not much of an expert on A.acuminata although i am trying to raise some in a cool climate.  Seems from my 1st season Xp, seedlings and young saplings can get knocked about by cold and more so, frost.  In saying that I probably have the worst frosts in Aust here.  Perhaps when they are a bit further off the ground theyll fair better but my gut feeling is cold will be an issue for them in the future.

What i have noticed from mine (and please correct me if otherwise) is that they tend to etiolate out of full sun and seedlings dont enjoy being constantly wet. I guess your past that point by now.


As mentioned in another thread A.floribunda dont seem to be affected by severe frost and cold.



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