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Cactus for sale

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Had a big Yowie fall over, so I decided to offer it and a few other cuts. A few scars, but healthy tips... 


BIg Spikey 35cm - $30

Tig x Scop 35cm - $30 (a really nice hybrid, grows fat with small spines...)

Peru (seed grown from Glaucus) 35cm - $25

Peru (a nice steel blue colour, fast grower) 28cm - $25

J2 x Psycho0 35cm - $30 (wickedly spined, got that validus like shine...) SOLD

Yowie 80+cm - $60 SOLD


plus postage...







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Damn it, if I wasn't flat broke for another few weeks I'd have bought a few of them.  Someone's going to be getting a really good deal on them though especially with those peruvians and the J2 x Psycho0 in particular.  Lucky pricks lol


If you ever have another one of those J2 x Psycho0 for sale in the future let me know and I'll buy a cut for sure.  I can feel it's spines calling for my blood through the screen and I'd be happy to give it a taste to have such a beautiful yet menacing looking plant in my garden :)

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