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Ethnobotany Presentation - Seeking a strong indigenous voice on bush foods and plant medicine

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I am putting together the program for an up and coming EGA event on May 12th titled  'Garden States - A Forum for Cultivating Ethnobotanical Plants, Knowledge and Community'. 


Sadly in the many years of EGA (to my knowledge), we have never been able to make good connections going with first nations peoples and have an indigenous voice on bush foods and plant medicines. I know EGA would love to see this change. So I was hoping others in the community may have had more luck in this vital area and might be able to offer up some suggested indigenous presenters. 


I feel the nearer they are to Victoria the more relevant the talk might be to the state the event is taking place in; however, it's by not limited in the sense that any good suggestion at the moment would be appreciated. If PM works better for you, then be my guest. 


Thanks in advance ;-)


PS, on a side note I am also interested to find a knowledgeable presenter on ritual or witching herbs in Australia.

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Hi RonnySimulacrum,


I greet you in the Love and Light.


I'm happy to point you in the right direction for a voice on indigenous bush foods and plant medicines, however both of these contacts are from Queensland.


The first person I'd recommend is Gerry Turpin. He's an Ethnobotanist and Mbabaram elder who heads up the Tropical Indigenous Ethnobotany Centre at James Cook University.


The second person I'd recommend is Uncle Allan Lena who is a traditional custodian and Yugambeh elder who specialises in traditional Aboriginal healing.


I'd be happy to pass on their contact details after checking with them to make sure its okay first.


I hope that helps and I wish you all the best in your preparations for the next EGA Event.


Love & Light

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Afternoon, thanks everyone for the feedback on this important subject, I received a couple of PM on the matter also, so we have a short list going now ;-)


Feel free to keep the dialogue open on this, as each suggestion has been good so far. It probably going to be hard to work out the next move, as there a lot of rich knowledge with the fantastic recommendations so far. 


I am excited 

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Haha, yes, they sure are, I will place a post in events on SAB now.  Might be wise to get in before we post it on the social network tomorrow ;-) 


See you plants heads there ;-)


We have tried hard to make the tickets as affordable as possible, but PM me if you have real hardship and I do what I can if your from this forum. 

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