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Australian Psychedelic Society: GROUP BREATHWORK SESSION

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The Australian Psychedelic Society will be hosting its first GROUP BREATHWORK SESSION


An opportunity to release and let go of stress, anxiety, fear, resistance, mental confusion, procrastination and gain clarity, insight, deep relaxation.. while getting high as balls on your own breath.


The technique we will be using is called conscious connected breathing; sometimes referred to as rebirthing or holotropic breathwork.


The body is oxygenated and as increased amounts of energy reach parts of the body that have long been held in tension, stored or suppressed memories, emotions and mental patterns, are recalled and released.


During this kind of breathwork participants often report psychedelic states similar to those induced by entheogens. In the 1970s this practice was pioneered in the west by Dr Stanislav Grof as an alternative to using LSD in therapy sessions.


Note: This practice is completely safe when done with a trained instructor, however it is not suitable for people with some medical conditions, please skip to the bottom to check if this practice is for you.


The breathwork session will be facilitated by Teneille from Breathwork Circles, Krisy Conroy and accompanied by Krti Psyskrit on the decks.



Christopher Boots Studio

328 Napier St




Sunday December 2nd


Sessions start on time and doors will be locked at 5.15pm to ensure we create a contained and safe environment to go deep.

Please arrive with plenty of time to spare, especially if coming by car. No refunds if you dont get there in time.



$50 full











And something to lay on like a yoga or camp mat.

Wear comfortable clothes.

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