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On 25/10/2018 at 1:20 PM, Glaukus said:

Recently I have been experiencing visitations by birds on a daily basis. Most notably magpies, but also king parrots and crows. One magpie in particular is now so comfortable that he will eat from my hand. I call him Claude. 

King parrots are also making daily visits. Crows watch from a distance but are very vocal.

This is a new occurrence that started a month or so ago, and it seems to hold some importance, but I'm not sure what to make of it.

Magpies seem to be associated with a message to focus on spiritual pursuits rather than material ones (I'm hardly a materialistic person so I think there's something I'm missing). Parrots are associated with the need to be watchful and alert. 

These are the typical associations in dreams anyway. But my visitations are physical, so I wonder if there is more to the picture.

Does anyone have any experience with bird visitation and their symbology?


I think magpies are part of the corvid family which include the very mystical and intelligent ravens. I think Odins messengers and guardians were 2 ravens called Huginn and Muninn. Thought and Memory.

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It's all about the crows now. They seem to follow me and call to me wherever I go.

I like crows.

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So strange. Posted today and now Claude is back...


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I've had increasingly more young magpies come to visit they just sit around the yard or hunt the giant crickets and other bugs through my cacti and gardens , real friendly and completely un afraid . 

Also a beautiful little kookaburra likes to sit either under the swingset or on the swings themselves sat outside and watched him while he watched me a couple weeks ago, can see the real intelligence in its eyes .

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