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Crest from a TBM

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Hello All


After 5 or more years of growing Cacti one of my TBMs has sprouted a new pup unlike any before.


A couple of question:


  • Should I think about grafting
  • Is this common
  • Can I force this to occur
  • Should I try to grow it on its own roots


I'll put up some other photos for help with identification.


If people in WA are interested I have heaps or Trichocereus Pachanoi and TBM for sale.


Maybe even a few large buttons  ;-).


Wishing all my fellow growers.


Kind Regards




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I would graft in segments and then remove any "normal" tbm growth that appears to promote more of the cristata growth.

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As small as that specimen is, I might forego grafting and just remove any normal pieces of growth for a bit.


The reason I say this is that when I have grafted newly turned crested specimens or even older ones for that matter, they do often revert back to normal form for a bit. How long that bit is seems to vary from a few weeks, to months, or even longer.


Of course, you could also graft a small piece of your new mutant to something and check out that property right away. Just leave the majority of your crested specimen intact.

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