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The Corroboree

Serious Slug problem - Solution needed!

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15 hours ago, Humbolt said:

I think Blue Toungues eat snails at least, not sure if they hang around in a garden frequented by people traffic

Blue Tongues will definitely hang around. We once put 3 in our house to clean up the cockys and those feral geckos from Indo. They stayed in the house for a couple of years. Did a good job, without much problem. A bit of a mess, but less than the geckos and the mean little one that lived under the stove used to bite your toes when you were cooking if you weren't careful.

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6 hours ago, Crop said:

I've never really had a slug problem, so are only speaking from distant academic, memory's from a seriously abused mind.

 Crushed egg shells and coffee grounds are both supposed to help.

I think marigolds, along with things like comfrey are used as trap plants in a 'push pull' system. Slugs make their home in them during the day. In permaculture you would plant them near a frog pond, or over the fence in your duck yard. I think Mollison spoke about it in one of his lectures, but I don't remember which one, or even if it was someone else like Lawton.

 If anyone is interested I can post the lecture series and you's can go through them yourselves.

that sounds really interesting. I'll plant them around the ponds :) 

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