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Acacia Acuiminata - tips for seedlings?

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My first batch of seedlings have arrived (see photos)! Found lots of great tips online on germination and so far so good, but from here I'm wondering how to give these little ones the best chance of success. They are currently in a very basic mini green house, and living inside (still getting well below 10 degrees outside at night here), and not getting any direct sun at the moment. A few things I'm wondering about:


  • If I give them direct sun inside I imagine it would get pretty toasty in there. Is that a good idea, or should that be avoided?
  • When should these go to pots?
  • Any tips for handling them (I hear they are very sensitive seedlings)? Should I stay as far away as possible from their roots?
  • Standard potting mix? Or seed mix? Any outside soil?
  • When should they start getting sun and time outside?
  • When should I give up on the ones that aren't germinating? It's been about two weeks thus far.
  • If they get that far, I'd like to give them to friends and family to plant in their gardens. What age/height would be a good time to give them a permanent home outside?
  • I've got a worm farm and my other potted plants love the worm juice that comes from it. Should I have any hesitation about giving some to these little ones?




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