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The Corroboree
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Tricho seedlings for tbm segments

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Looking to trade some tricho seedlings for tbm segments


Secret garden OP mix - 1x 11cm, 1x 14cm
Psycho0 OP - 2x 10.5cm
Dawsons Bridgesii OP - 1x 11cm, 1x 13cm
Bridgesii OP - 1x 9cm, 1x 10cm
Yowie OP - 1x 16cm
Goliath OP - 1x 11cm, 1x 12cm
Psycho0 x Sina - 1x 9cm, 1x 21cm
Unknown - 1x 10cm
Scop - 1x 5cm
Cuzcoensis 'Murray Bridge' OP - 1x 7.5cm, 1x 8.5cm
Ben x Dawsons Terscheckii - 1x 5cm, 1x 13cm

ABG Werd OP - 1x 4cm
Psycho0 x Red Huasca - 1x 4cm
John x Ben - 1x 11cm


Message me if this might tickle your fancy



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