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Hey guys,

A friend and I recently launched our website for the sale of Mitragyna speciosa seeds: m2seeds.com

We source them from a professional kratom farmer in Malaysia we've been in contact with for a while, not far from Kuala Lumpur.  I did a giveaway of some of these seeds a few months ago.

We currently have 2 strains available, but more coming soon:

  • Green Malay (local name "Urat Hijau")
  • Red Malay (local name "Urat Merah") which was originally sourced by the farmer up north near the Thai border so technically this is what kratom sellers call Red Thai.

The seeds are fresh and germination rates are great, see below for pictures of some seedlings.

We're running a free shipping worldwide promotion until the end of July, check us out!


We ship from Europe, orders going to Oz will be labeled & packaged accordingly.






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Hi, will the package say exactly what it is? This may have border trouble if so. 

Also this type of seed needs to be fresh or it will not germinate. How fresh are they now? 

Have you gotten new seeds since a month has passed? 

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We know how to label them for Aus and for obvious reasons won't go into details publicly. Everyone has received their orders so far. The seeds remain viable for upwards of 6 month, I have personally tested this last year and documented it on the shroomery.

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A close friend of mine ordered and paid and never received anything.

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I have been trying to germinate the seeds but with only minimal success. Do you mind sharing how you get yours to start please?

The only time I have succeeded is when I threw a handful of pods into soil and about 3 germinated.

I have been watching them on damp paper but have seen no change.

Do you treat your in any way?

John S

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