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Visit at the botanical garden

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I went to the local botanical garden today for a visit about poisonous plants.

The visit itself was pretty good, although the guy fucking butchered Banisteriopsis as "Basteniros" or something like that, and at one point the dude whipped a potted loph out of his hand bag (I kid you not) and called it "Lophophora williamson". 


Mainly showed us some Apocynaceae vines, a couple Solenaceae, some Dieffencbachia, Laurel, Yew, etc...

He showed us an Apocynaceae he said some shamans use as an admixture to ayahusca, the name escapes me at the moment and I forgot to take a pic.


He showed us their Erythroxylum coca tree which got fucking raped by some mongrels, he said last year it was over 2m tall, there's now only a small 50cm or so shrub left... 


Anyways, the plants I was most hyped about weren't mentioned, found them by strolling around. here are some pics:


- Psychotria peduncularis, wasn't able to ask for a leaf unfortunately but I will come back for it:



- Tabernaemontana corymbosa, was able to get a little cutting, hope it'll take it got a bit floppy on the way back home:



- Theobroma cacao:



- Ilex paraguariensis, for some reason the leaves of their maté have a very different phenotype from my own shrub:



- Acacia gourmaensis:



- Big Hylocereus undatus:



- Huge 3+ meters tall Myrtillocactus geometrizans:



- Pereskia grandiflora:

IMG_20180320_160955-1008x755.thumb.jpg.67a677ed8922566671d38f5e4f09b30c.jpg IMG_20180320_161331-756x1008.thumb.jpg.c370e866364fee4f323753f603211525.jpg IMG_20180320_161336-756x1008.thumb.jpg.3a4afe2fad9dac62da61f339288c55ac.jpg


- Pereskia saccharosa:



- Pereskiopsis diguetti:



- Pereskiopsis or maybe Quiabentia? Saw it from outside the greenhouse but wasn't able to find it inside.



Unfortunately this greenhouse was closed to the public, spotted a bunch of nice trichos:

IMG_20180320_152008-1008x756.thumb.jpg.af9e873ee6b38a887798b6ed091e7420.jpg IMG_20180320_152050-1008x756.thumb.jpg.d4aaf735160bca15bf9e1858437651d2.jpg


- Mammillaria elongata:



- Cereus jamacaru var. monstrose:



- Big ass agave:



- Aristolochia gigantea:



- View from the entrance of one of the huge tropical greenhouses which was built around 1870:



There's so much more I need to take pics of, I will go back there soon.




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Incredible, thanks for posting :)

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