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Super Blue Blood Moon

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Just a heads up.


We have a rare astronomical event on the horizon (see what I did there) coming up on Feb 1 here in Oz - a Super Blue Blood Moon.


This hasn't happened for over 150 years (1866 seems to be the date my vodka soaked brain remembers but feel free to call BS if I'm talking out of my arse), so on a human scale it's a rare astronomical event that some people never see in their lifetime. It's a combination of several less rare events that coincide to create one much rarer event.


The events that combine to create this situation are

A blue moon - two full moons in a calendar month

A lunar eclipse - pretty well self explanitory (this is when we see the blood moon)

A supermoon - where the moon's closest point of orbit (perigree) relative to the Earth occurs and coincides with a full moon.


For us in Oz it's not technically a blue moon as the second blue moon won't actually happen in January, We'll see it will on the 1st of Feb.


It's the end of the fucking world as we know it, chances are volcanoes will erupt , comets will strike Earth and nuclear missiles will start flying all over the planet and wipe us all out.  That's what the bible bashers are saying anyway.


So fucking repent now before it's too late.


Or just get a few good pics to show your your grand kids and bore the shit out of them in 25 years time if we don't get wiped out.



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fuckin' clouds 'eh....


worlds still turning' though,so there's that



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41 minutes ago, freakazoid said:

worlds still turning' though,so there's that

That's a pretty big that!

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