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Santalum acuminatum - Desert Quandong (Native Peach)

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On our property, we have 3 Quandong trees and only 1 produced fruit this year. Unfortunately, it only produced 3 and birds got the first 2


Following on from my other post, this tree and its fruit is fast becoming sought after as a bush food in restaurants and markets around Australia. Makes a good jam too.


Some info:


http://www.florabank.org.au/lucid/key/species navigator/media/html/Santalum_acuminatum.htm






"..the plants acquired insecticidal compounds from their host tree, which accumulated to some degree in the fruits. Therefore, caution should be taken not to plant Desert Quandongs near poisonous plants as toxins may be transferred"


This is the basis of the following experiment. I will try host it with 1x Acacia acuminata and 1x Gastrolobium spinosum (Prickly Poison). Both nitrogen fixing FABACEAE. I decided I will host use both hosts just in case a single poison pea isn't enough. Hopefully a 100L pot will suffice as I am running out of room unfortunately and I can't think of where else to do said experiment


The Acacia and poison pea will go in the pot tomorrow and get settled in, before I germinate and transplant quandong in around 2-3 months


Here is the seed:



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Gave this bad boy a few love taps with a hammer and wondered why it wasn't cracking


Today I learned Quandong nuts are a lot thicker than their brethren Sandalwood.


It's just a little cracked. It's still good, it's still good. 



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Didn't get around to starting this last month. Changed which poison pea I am using also.


4/1/18 - 6 month old Acacia acuminata narrow phyllode seedling went in the pot


14/1/18 - 2 month old Gastrolobium parviflorum went into the pot


Still waiting for the Quandong to germinate.

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Freshly pollinated Quandong fruits!

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