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The Corroboree
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Looking for Veggie seeds or cuttings good for SE QLD

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Hi yall,


Looking for some veggie seeds or herbs or cuttings like :)


Sweet chilli and capsicum






And anything thats good eatin :)


Also looking for some spores or cultures of edible mushrooms.


Got heaps to trade hit me up if you can help.





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My favourite perennial veg is sweet leaf, Sauropus androgynus,. If you don't know it; to me it tasts like a cross between spinich and sweet pea. Can ncook it or eat it raw. Grows like a weed (but only reproduces vegetatively, so won't become one). Can grow in shade or sun. Drought hardy (but gets tough and bitter). After the first year or two needs to be cut regular or it gets tall and messy (1 of mine is about 3m now). If left to get tall it will fall over, rooting where it hits the ground. It does't like cold, should be right were you are thou.

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