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Hydroponic nutrient

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Hi all. 

I've been wanting to do a kratky (non circulating) hydroponic grow for chillis, I havnt decided on chilli type yet.

But, the question I ask is... does anyone know if this is going to be suitable for a start to finish type nutrient or will I have to add a flower/bloom/fruit booster as the plant goes into flower/fruit? 

Nothing cryptic here, I really am going to grow chillis haha. Then I might experiment with other plants if all goes well.

Heres the details of the nutrient


Any help appreciated and I hope I put this post in the right place. 






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Never used the "kratky" method but have done DWC.

How does kratky work for air on the roots? In DWC I use an air stone/bubbler. Works great.


As far as nutrients go, get down to your local hydroponics store and get some GT Chilli Focus. Shit is the bomb.



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For kratky you are meant to leave a small gap between the bottom of the net cup and the nutrients and just have a few roots dangling into the solution. Thats it for the air, basically fill and forget :P 
Thanks man ill look into it :) theres some good youtube vids on it :) 

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