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The Corroboree

piper auritum

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Coming home from industrial fire fighting training I stopped at a small plant shop/antique shop.  Ended up scoring some great books about plants and live plants.  The best deal was a large piper auritum. I'll put it in the ground in the spring. I bought a tiny one on ebay for about $10 and it was pretty much dead when I got it. This one is pretty big. It'll definitely be huge a year from now. 

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I love hoja santa, the way new leaves form is amazing, just emerging out of the petiole of the previous leaf.

And if you followed the work of 69ron at the nexus/d-f, well let's just say it could be a very useful plant to grow alongside cinnamon and german chamomile. 


Here's my (now rootbound) plant that was gifted to me by chronic. I will repot it before bringing it inside.





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