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The Corroboree


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Hello everyoneB)

I'm new here,

I live in israel and growing some plants

Want to share some of them with

Got :nicotiana glauca

Vachellia xanthophloea (Acacia xanthophloea)
 Both of them are fresh seeds IMG-20170829-WA0007.thumb.jpg.d5839031c3be8dc32de90068912f0f73.jpgIMG-20170829-WA0006.thumb.jpg.b0781f82a166a29786b0b02a026dcd5f.jpgIMG-20170829-WA0004.thumb.jpg.c19ec53de15047cbc1db1e7c810d9949.jpgIMG-20170829-WA0003.thumb.jpg.1ac63a9aa95ff221676a2497351a9106.jpg
Pm me if intersted:)




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