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The Corroboree

Datura metel x Datura wrightii

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Hybrid seed of Datura metel (mom purple outer skirt/yellow inner skirt) x Datura wrightii (dad light lavender). Datura wrightii seed collected from Mojave desert. Seed is in the process of maturing. I didn't quite no where to post this as i will accept SASE otherwise known as Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, Donation, or trade for seeds once mature. Seed takes 60 days to mature once crossed. Items of interest for trade are Trichocereus pachanoi pollen, seed, etc. If you have nothing to trade and no money please just send SASE and I will get seed out to you. I know some people can't afford plants/seeds, etc. so this is a good way to get them if you honestly can't spare a dollar or have nothing to trade. Please do not tell me if you are sending cash or haggle with me over cost. It is what you think the cross is worth and what you can afford. I will not turn anyone down save if I think I will not have enough seed to fill the order. I only take orders after pods have secured themselves and are past the point of dropping prematurely as often happens with such crosses the way I make them. I pollinate long before the anthers ripen and long before the flower opens or comes out of the calyx on its own. I then try to pollinate again as pistil matures. Hit me up with an instant message if you are interested.


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Agreed they are beautiful , love the lavender coloured flower on the father 

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