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The Corroboree

Acacia Species Identification | Brisbane, QLD

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Good afternoon everyone!

Firstly i would just like to thank the kind human for accepting me to this great community!


So i was wondering if i could get a possible id on some acacias growing around my area, I have been searching up a lot about 

acacias and trying to id these variants myself, i even have the book "Acacias of Australia" but i cant succesfully id any. Guess i

dont have knack for it yet. 


all of these plants were found in a paddock with a riverline close by in brisbane, qld about 64m altitude above sea level. I have uploaded all the photos through an external source 

so I'm not burning precious bandwidth!



Acacia 1taken on 20 JUL 17



Acacia 2 (Acacia Phlebophylla?) taken on 20 JUL 17



Acacia 3 (Acacia Maidenii?)taken on 20 JUL 17



Acacia 4 taken on 20 JUL 17



Acacia 5 taken on 20 JUL 17







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Acacia 2 is highly unlikely to be Phlebophylia as that species is micro-endemic to one mountain in Victoria. My guess is Acacia. Complanata.

Acacia 3 & 5 look like the same species which is not Maidenii as it flowers in summer, possibly a variant of A. Longifolia ( Sophorae perhaps

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