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The Corroboree

Wanted plants that move eg telegraph plant

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I have fresh-ish seeds of the native one, Neptunia gracilis. It moves just as fast. The moonflower vine is pretty cool, it's a morning glory that opens it's flowers quite fast in the evening.


Another good one is Epiphyllum hookeri, the flowers spring open in a split second. Nicotianas and Mirabilis open (more slowly) in the evenings. These are all wonderfully perfumed except the native sensitive plant.


How fast do you wanty the plants to move? there are many others that move slowly over a couple hours like prayer-plants and hoyas.

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good point HD, there are a lot of plants with movement. ..I am too hammered to recall to many right now, but there are trigger plants, a few carnivorous ones (like the pygmy sundews that shoot the gemmae)

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