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Tricho connoisseurs SAB auction – Nitro, Sharxx, Validus, TPM, seeds

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I am auctioning some seeds and the winning bid will be donated to the SAB sever cost auction.


SAB has a wealth of old knowledge stored on it, is a great way to record a history of plants and for people to be able to check back over things later.
It has helped me connect with other growers, trade, buy and obtain some wonderful seeds and plants, some even through generous giveaways other members have run from time to time.
It’s a valuable resource that I’d like to see continue as long as possible.


Auction will run from now until 8pm EST Sunday 02/07/2017 – starting bid of AU$23 and going up in at least AU$5 increments from there.

Winning bidder must post screenshot confirming their winning amount being donated to the SAB server costs no more than 5 days after the auction ends, post screenshot proof here and I will cover cost of postage to get the prize to the winner.


Some of these seeds are very hard to get hold of these days and will result in some wonderful plants! :)


Included in this auction:




Nitrogen 2015 seeds:

Lumberjack x TPM

Psycho0 x TPM

Sharxx Blue x TPM

Lumberjack x Sharxx Blue


Sacred Succulents seed:

T pachanoi X TPM


zed240 2017 seeds:

Scop X scop

Scop x SA SS Tersch

Lophophora williamsii

ABG Werdermannius OP 2017


BONUS – if the winning big ends up being over AU$100 I will also send the winner this seedling: grown from 2015 OP Validus seeds from Mr X’s Secret Garden in SA, currently growing in 10cm pot. Mr X’s Validus is thought to probably/possibly be one of the Fields clones. This seedling will grow into a very special plant!

(seedling only to be posted within Aust)




Happy bidding and cactusing!




I am surprised but very happy that bidding is already this well underway. SAB will win, as will the person who gets these seeds and plants. :)  



If the winning bid ends up being over $125 I will also send the winner this plant:


Chalaensis X TPM - seedling "slab" graft grown from Sacred Succulents seeds.




If the winning bid is over AU$150 the winner will also get this seedling "slab" graft grown from scopulicola X Eileen seeds.


5953376a30faf_P6285436ScopXEileen(Copy)smut.thumb.jpg.9ad5676ee2426e99ba6b0b0fcbe06d02.jpg   5953376fd6ac8_P6285435ScopXEileen(Copy)smut.thumb.jpg.1f0806a2ec6dc5913cc8e5b99ca64232.jpg

Edited by zed240
added more prizes/tiers to auction
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Awesome. How many seeds in each pack?

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4 hours ago, Fungal Forest said:

Awesome. How many seeds in each pack?

The amounts of seed are written on most of the packs in the picture.


Nitro seeds between 8 and 17


L willy - 25


Scop X scop - 80-100


Scop x SA SS Tersch - 80-100


T. pach X TPM - 38




I will probably add another plant/tier to this in the morning.

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Thanks heaps for the bids so far! I am stoked with how this is going so far.


I have added 2 more plants and tiers to this auction, so if it goes over $125 and then $150 the winner will get more and more cool stuff! Check the OP at the top for pics of the new additions.

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Not long left to bid on this now, (about 2.5 hours).


Fungal Forest is currently in the lead with a bid of AU$101

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Congratulations! @Fungal Forest - you have the winning bid of AU$101. :)


Thanks heaps for this contribution to the forum server costs.


Can you please donate the money and be sure to upload a screenshot with a payment confirmation into this thread as proof the money has been donated.


Then PM the address you'd like the seeds and Validus OP seedling sent to and I will get them in the post to you the next day. :)

BTW -  Fungal Forest - If you decide you'd like the plants in either of the 2 higher tiers feel free to either donate $125 or $150 (or more! :wink: ) and I will send you the extra plants also.

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Update on Server Donation auction results!


We had some payment issues where FF couldn't process paypal donations to SAB. So after a while of looking into the options he transferred the AU$101 to me via bank transfer and I donated it to the SAB server cost from my own paypal account as soon as it cleared in my bank account. (yesterday)


I also sent Fungal Forest his winnings yesterday via express post, and threw some extra stuff in too for playing the game. :)


Thanks to the people who bid on this auction.


Proof of donation


596b15df33766_SABauctionservercostdonationzed240.thumb.JPG.b23533bfa67eb36bbd39da0436c7aebd.JPG   596b15e1a8ba6_SABauctionservercostdonationzed2402.thumb.JPG.c4069fdc9093808e36554a2f96f4a8b1.JPG

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Hi everyone 

I have received my package today and am excited to sow these seeds. Thanks to Zed for fixing me up and throwing in a couple of extra seedlings. You were a great help and very patient ;) .  I really like the idea of auctions to raise money for this website. I think it would be very sad to see it disappear as i have learnt a lot from fellow growers on these forums. But also have witnessed other members grow as gardeners during my short period as a member. 


Thank you to all members for being involved and sharing knowledge and plants. Happy gardening folks




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