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The Corroboree

Morel species

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Just confirming that some kind of morel species grows in NNSW. :) Found by a gang of 9 year old forest fairy's. I can't take the glory.   




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They look morelly and I haven't found anything local and non-morelly they could be confused with, but that wouldn't be enough for me:


Atlas of Living Australia has a bunch of Morchella elata entries and they look similar enough and the northernmost range is currently described as Brisbane:

Morchella elata at ALA


Maybe add an ALA entry? If you send off the pic to Fungimap they will automatically include them in the ALA database, check the Fungimap page for submission guidelines.


Most importantly- were they tasty?


Please pass on my thanks  to the fairies for their eagle eyes and contribution to local knowledge- and kudos to you for keeping and documenting them.

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Erg, sorry mate the previous sounds all rushed and condescending, didn't mean to talk down to you


You know a whole lot more about the wider aspects of this field than I

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