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The Corroboree

MeanGreen's Big Ethnobotanical Garden Log 2017

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Well here's a little update then :)


Here are my Catha edulis plants in the middle & right of the front row, I'm down to four but the remaining ones seem healthy.

The pot on the left of the front row is Acacia confusa, second row is Kratom, and you got Mimosa hostilis and Sakae Naa in the back row.



Speaking of Mimosa hostilis I have to show you how fast this plant grows, compare to the pics in the first post that were taken on may 22nd, or about 3 weeks ago it's crazy. Looks like it's a much better choice than Acacia confusa for growing.

The root system seems very aggressive, too, I repotted them in these deep pots about a week ago and I'm already seeing a bunch of roots poking out the drainage holes.



My Tagetes lucida plants are flowering, it's a very nice yellow it really pops in the garden



The Leonotis nepetifolia (Klip Dagga) are starting to form flowers as well



Here's my Sinicuichi plant which has really bushed out a lot in those 3 weeks after a bunch of failed cuttings attempts and some harvesting.



The persian white poppies have all dropped their petals, the oldest pods are starting to get their glaucous coating. Pretty disappointed with the size of them (less than the upper part of my thumb), but it's not too bad for a first attempt I guess.



My biggest Spilanthes in full bloom, soon gonna get some seeds hopefully. Yerba Maté (Ilex paraguariensis) on the right.



Noticed today that one of my TBM's is pushing out a pup, and I received this little blue TBM in the mail. Went on a beginning of the month ebay cactus spree last week, I'm expecting a bunch of stuff.

large.IMG_20170615_141403-1277x1414.jpg. large.IMG_20170615_141420-1277x1702.jpg.


I also have this tiny bridgesii seedling which is starting to pup, along with a little pachanoi



And while we're on cacti, this big pachanoi has put out what looks like some variegated growth in the past few weeks, here's to hoping it will keep it up


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Woke up to an amazing surprise this morning; Mimosa pudica flowers!

I really didn't see them coming, I mean I had noticed the buds but wasn't expecting them to just pop open in a single night. They really look so delicate and gorgeous in person, and there's a bunch more coming, too :)



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Ebay cactus haul started coming in today, 385cm of cactus in the form of 2 macrogonus, 2 bridgesii and a pachanoi from left to right.

Do the macrogonus look normal to y'all? They look very much like bridgesii to me.



Also received this nice little Hoodia gordonii plant, it's incredibly ferm and heavy, almost feels like it's made out of some kind of metal.



Had a couple peyotes flowering today as well, first time that dwarf lophophora williamsii var. grymii flowers for me since I got it.



I've also been on a sowing frenzy, not finished yet but I started sowing 400 lophophora seeds, 200 mixed ariocarpus seeds, 200 bridgesii, 200 mixed lithops and 200 rhodiola rosea.

I'll post pics once I get some sprouts, empty pots are boring.

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papizinha? if so , definitely macrogonus beyond all shadow of a doubt but when i scored mine folk were also thinking it might be a bridgesii but as time has shown it's a macro and a very nice one at that! 


well scored man , i reckon i recognise his pach there too , one of the most awesome cactus folk on ebay 

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Thanks a lot man, good to know I can safely label it macro.

And yeah you nailed it papizinha for the win! 2nd order and definitely one of the best vendors I dealt with, I always wonder how he manages to package the cuttings so cleanly seeing how hard it can be to handle big cuttings like that when potting them up haha

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Seems bridgesii.. better pics would help... 

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there ya go mate ;) 

pics from today arent as nice lol , these macros have been thru a lot!! 

2017-06-21 19.50.25.jpg2017-06-21 19.50.32.jpg2017-06-21 19.50.44.jpg

the real key is the awl spines I reckon , and how unbridgesiiey it gets in extreme heat 


gna hunt all the macro posts to show progression if i can 

i just ripped the pic from the last time they were at the conservatory (which reached 60C to get that macro to beef up)

2015-09-18 09.26.51.jpg

2015-10-16 10.00.21.jpg

so hopefully all the above can save any confusion and remind sagiX which plant it was in the background developing over the years .... 


sorry for that digression , I guess it really matters that much that it isn't incorrectly mistaken for a bridgesii

(let alone arriving with papi's bridgesii as a companion plant and being clearly different in person)

look fwd to the rest of the garden log now that's not just cleared up but locked down tight :3

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Moar cacti came in :lol:

From left to right:

  • Peruvianus 'marco'
  • Pachanoi 'mirka' x9
  • Pachanoi 'marysia' x6 + macrogonus x3 in the front
  • Bridgesii 'mirka', bridgesii monstrose B, peruvianus 'marysia', peruvianus 'mirka', pachanoi 'mirka'
  • Bridgesii 'marco' x2
  • Cuzcoensis
  • Pachanoi 'marco' pup


The names are just to differentiate them for my own reference in the future.

Crested TBM to arrive soon


Also a couple more lophophoras have flowered today, my caespitosa and this hairy fella which put out two flowers at the same time

large.IMG_20170623_110110-1690x1115.jpg. large.IMG_20170623_110051-1690x1692.jpg.



Happy to say I finally did my first ever successful graft, if you remember some time ago a snail ate the top of a little san pedro of mine, so I tried grafting a loph seedling onto it, well it took and already put out some new growth.




One of my morning glories flowered and I don't know how I did it but I managed to miss the flowers :(



I finally managed to get a Sinicuichi cutting to root from fresh non-woody growth, and I think a second one is about to take. What I did differently this time was take a more lengthy cutting and strip about 3 nodes of leaves below the ground, gave it a good dip in some clonex and put it in the soil in a humidity chamber.


Recently got me some keiki paste (6-BAP & Lanolin) to induce pupping on some of my cacti, and I am going to experiment with it on several different ethnobotanicals to see if it helps them branch out as well.


Here are the plants I'm considering experimenting on:

  • Mitragyna speciosa
  • Argyreia nervosa
  • Acacia confusa
  • Mimosa tenuiflora
  • Mimosa pudica
  • Catha edulis
  • Ilex paraguariensis
  • Salvia divinorum
  • Artemisia absinthium
  • Calea zacatechichi
  • Passiflora incarnata
  • Tabernanthe iboga
  • Various cacti (lophophora, trichocereus, pereskiopsis, cylindropuntia, , crested pachanoi, tbm, crested tbm...)


If you have experimented with BAP or other plant growth regulators on some of your plants before please contribute your tips and results

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Some new seedlings popped up since my last update and I forgot to show em to y'all


Turbina corymbosa



Banisteriopsis caapi

large.IMG_20170627_171120-1481x1517.jpg. large.IMG_20170627_171241-1481x1054.jpg.


Rhodiola rosea



Lithops (mixed species)



Chamaemelum nobile



Little update on the Psychotria elata seedlings I showed you last time, they're growing fast and doing great.



I also took some Calea, Salvia, Mimosa hostilis, Passiflora incarnata and Coleus blumei cuttings and a Chacruna leaf cutting a couple days ago, fingers crossed they all make it.



Attempted to graft a bridgesii & peyote seedling onto this crested pereskiopsis that reverted in two stems, I really hope both'll take.



Finally, I received this gorgeous crested bridgesii monstrose, it was a steal.

A pup was growing towards the soil so I twisted it off. Somehow the pup inadvertently slipped out of my fingers and the cut end landed in my mouth, and I gotta say this is the most bitter cactus this happened to me with. Although this is only the 4th time or so.

large.IMG_20170627_113252-1628x1992.jpg. large.IMG_20170627_113327-1628x1951.jpg. large.IMG_20170627_113759-1628x1913.jpg.


Also expecting this couple of variegated trichos, the albino one is pachanoi and the other bridgesii. 10$ each, I was the only bidder because the seller didn't include "variegated" in the auction title, just "yellow" haha :)

Pretty cool that the first one seems to be grafted on a spachianus, haven't seen it used as a stock before.

$_1.JPG $_1.JPG


I have applied some 6-BAP to various cacti about a week ago, nothing happening yet.


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