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The Corroboree
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cycad seeds

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Collection of plants for sale, cheap prices and deals all must go by june.

i have been collecting a variety of plants.

The sale is on from may to start of june. also have other plants for sale

call or text if interested

bishop crown chillie, in 100L bin had hundreds of chillies this year


voilet betonicifolia (native)

cycads and from seed

sugar cane


small ivy

toad lilly

wild strawberry

liriope X 30

giant bird of paradise

small tree fern

small elk horn

blue fern (phlebodium)

natal plum, carissa (native)

broms and baby imperial broms

blue fern (phlebodium)

red crepe myrtle

pennisetum red (from SEED!!!)

african violet

blood lilly (white flower) (Haemanthus)

kalanchoe beharensis

logan berry

agava small and large

indian basil

mother in law tounge


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Some nice plants you have there.


Can you tell me what species of cycads/ cycad seeds you have up for offer, and how do you know if the seeds have been fertilised or not.


I'm particularly keen on some of the Aussie natives.



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