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head torches, ultimate, bright, long battery life

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Im looking for a head torch that is really really bright with the best battery life possible, I don't mind if its a chunky thing or slimline, not concerned about type of battery, just long life and BRIGHT.

if anyone has any experience or links it would be much appreciated.


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Funny but I was thinking of asking this myself. I'm tired of my head torch playing up and flickering all the time.


Any quality brands out there that people can recommend?

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I bought a cheap Chinese head lamp for about $20 or even less, and very high quality protected Panasonic NCR18650B batteries, and have been using it for a long time, no damage, no flickering, just pure brightness. The lamp is just fine, build quality is good, fits fine, the LED turns night into day, but IMHO what is really important are the batteries. These are 3400mah, 3.7 volt batteries with electronic protection circuits, they last a long, long time, can handle 500+ recharge cycles without a problem, and there is no danger of them exploding on your head.  And being replaceable, you can buy a few sets of these and will never be caught out of charge. If you have money to burn, you can spend $300+ on a lamp, but otherwise these Chinese ones are just fine.


The lamp is similar to this one. There are others with 2-5X T6 LEDs which are just insanely bright, one LED is more than bright enough for my needs.



These are the batteries. Samsung and Sanyo are also fine, almost anything besides Ultrafire or whatever that recycled Chinese crap is called.


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