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The Corroboree

New here :) EGA 2017, South Australians.

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Hello all, I am new here but very grateful to be apart of this wonderful and awakened community and hope to contribute and continue to grow with it as it has helped me to learn and grow prior to becoming a member :D just to introduce myself and a little bit about me;


I am 25 years of age, a multi instrumentalist,

I am a keen Trich enthusiast, Lophs, Fungi, Natural medicines and medicinal herbs,

I support the EGA,
I am fascinated with spiritual and metaphysical exploration,
A student and acolyte to the sacred plants, fungi and spirits,
I am deeply enveloped within my sacred garden and my sacred works,
which include deeper and more extensive works with trichs, Acacia, Fungi, Herbal medicinal teas and tinctures and much more...


Id love to hear from anyone that's interested in similar fields and exchange knowledge and possibly resource's :)


I will be making the road trip over to the EGA next December and have an interest/intention of meeting any fellow members from SA that are willing as I know of very few and would love to see the community over here progress and share on a face to face level as we have greater strength in numbers and by coming together :) im gathering a handful of friends I have that are on the same page to journey with me but it would be great to meet some new people that are making the effort to travel from SA and possibly meet up there or here before hand as we will hopefully be camping there for the event, Im keen to strengthen the community here in SA and would love to hear from any like minded members :) thankyou and peace to you all.

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Would be great to meet up. We have to do a plant meet at the Botanic Gardens soon, be wonderful to see you there. I'll shoot you a PM about the next one.

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Sounds great, i was only told yesterday that there are regular meets at the botanic gardens, I look forward to it for sure, thanks man :)

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