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Peru, Pach or Other


Hi growers.

Can you help me? A couple of years back I purchased a bunch of seed with labels either Pach or Peru. I do not remember the seller or origin of the seed. More than one supplier involved (probably from ebay). What are your thoughts on the IDs?

 So the first one the seed was sold to me as T. pachanoi obviously it isn't. I have had someone with a lot more experience tell me it could be cuzcoensis?

The second plant was labelled peru, which I agree with but would like to know your thoughts and I havnt seen any plants that look the same as yet. The aereols stick out with no V notches. I also have another that looks the same but the spines are not as red.

Now most of the seed grew to look like the third pic but half are labelled pach and half peru, and of course some labels got lost. Could it be that all of these that look like the third plant be peru? Or is it possible that some are pach with long spines?


Thank you




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