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Psilocybe cubensis Prints for Microscopy

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I have clean prints of Psilocybe cubensis prints.  Ideal for identification with microscopy to ensure a non-poisonous variety.

These prints are $9 US each with $3 US shipping world wide.  Prints vary in size from 2-5 cm in diameter.


Choose from:

PF Classic, Brazil, Ecuador, B+, Orissa, Creeper, Elephant, Treasure Coast, Ban Hua Thanon, AA+, Puerto Rico, Huautla, Burma, Mazatapec, Oasis, Amazon, Golden Teacher or Albino

WWW.Mycotopia.net is a great Fungus Resource



I also have some of these prints on paper.


Every order will receive a FREE Mycology Guide.


I am located in British Columbia, Canada.  Contact: [email protected]





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