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Washington - Pot prices drop with legalisation

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As of March 2016, dispensaries in Washington State were selling a gram of weed for $9.32, according to a Washington Post report citing the state’s Liquor and Cannabis board, while the wholesale price per gram was just $2.99. :o:huh::o



That's right. You read correctly. Old mate reckons they will eventually be giving it away in certain instances in the future.


"Would you like our complimentary cannabis before your entree sir?" :huh:


You already know the answer to that one. :wink::lol:

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Some anti-legalisation campaigners, such as Kevin Sabet and our own lovely Jan Copeland, say that this is a bad thing - that weed will be too cheap and that this will lead to increased problems. For the record, I don't agree with them, but it does show why the opposition from certain quarters is so strong - going to really eat into the profits of alcohol and organized crime.

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