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Looking for Rhaponticum carthamoide, ashwagandha, stachy officinalis, mad dog skullcap, Serratula coronata, Ajuga seeds and more

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Hey, whats up, everybody!

So there's some pretty specific seeds I'm after this year and I figured this would be the perfect place to ask! 


Now I know now this may be a lot to ask in one place, so I don't expect to find everything I need, but I know a lot of you have an impressive collection of rare plants.


So, the seeds I'm interested in purchasing so far are as follows 


Russian leuzea 

Ajuga (interested in various kinds)

Mad dog skullcap 

Wood betony 


Serratula coronata

Cyanosis longiflora

Cyanosis vaga

Cyanosis arachnoidea 

Sesuvium portulacastrum 

Llex paraguaiensis 

If you have any of these seeds (or all of them) please contact me. Thanks, guys 

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I hope you are not looking for Cyanosis......I presume its Cyanotis spp.

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Ahh, crap. Lol. Yeah, I meant to say cyanotis. My bad, y'all. 

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