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Unrooted "Psycho0" tip cuttings

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It's been a good couple of years for growing in my cactus collection, now it's time to spread the love back into the community. That means healthy, juicy Psycho0 tip cuttings for sale!

The way this sale system will work is that I'll edit the original post to indicate whether the cutting is a) AVAILABLE, B)PENDING, or c) SOLD. When you want to purchase a cutting then PM me and the cutting's status will change to PENDING. If payment isn't received within 3 (three) business days the status goes back to AVAILABLE. Once payment is received then it is SOLD.

This is to ensure fair availability of cuts to everyone. In past sales I've had people intend to pay but then bail out after weeks of haggling for payment, which I think is unfair to serious plantheads who are after quality plants straight away. This is the first time I've tried this system so I'd like to know how everyone feels about method.

All cuttings have been grown off of well established plants of mine that have been in the ground for approximately two years. Being a Psycho0, it's quite a vigorous grower, never slowing down over winter (that's why I love this cactus!). To speed up new root growth I recommend planting the cutting in course river sand, this is my personal favourite technique that's always worked wonders for me. YMMV of course :)

The price of the cutting is it's length unless otherwise stated.
Buyers pays postage.
Local pickup can be arranged, I'm in the northern Melbourne suburbs where all the rough cool kids hang out :P
Cuttings posted within 2 (two) business days with tracking number provided.

Any and all questions welcomed, of course.

Here they are..

#1 SOLD $62

#2 SOLD $72


#3 SOLD $70


#4 SOLD $67


#5 SOLD $67


#6 SOLD $60


#7 SOLD $58


#8 SOLD $53


#9 SOLD $44


#10 SOLD $45


#11 SOLD $47


#12 SOLD $42


#13 SOLD $41


#14 SOLD $15 (length 22cm, has slight cut as you can see)


Edited by mu!
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yeah i don't want any mu but i really wanted to give the feedback about your proposed payment method.

mu modelling.

Tick.....i like it. i will be using this method too. It's just not fair when you've taken the effort ,time,patience(especially for catykoose) and offer up plants and then people give you the runaround without pm'ing why.

Communication is the key.

no dosh first ,.well....no dice i say.

ok back to the peeps that want to buy these fabulous catkoose

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So this $1 per centimeter?

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I love how some of them are all lumpy in the middle.

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