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has anyone had success with mr fothergills brand oyster spawn

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From bunnings or wherever else. I bought some but all ive ever gotten from it is green mold.

I bought this forever ago so, i cant return the on i got (shiitake though did work fine), im thinking of buying spawn, using it, then returning it if it contaminates beyond a reasonable doubt from the spawn, until i get spawn which is clean enough that the oyster myc at very least can outgrow the contam, best scenarios with my current spawn does not see that happening, i.e, myc may grow at some point but its in the middle of a contamination mess, it grows incredibly slowly and its impossible to get a clean piece no matter how hard i try, partially because the mold spores spread so very very very easily.

Anyway, im just wondering if anyone has ever gotten clean oyster spawn (and what kind if you did), that grew on agar/normal media. I suspect that the mushroom growing boards (made from shredded poplar wood), perhaps have some sort of substance in them which at first, inhibits the growth of spores and bacteria, on a oyster friendly environment, so only the spawn really does anything.
Or maybe not. Either way, i want to know if my plan is viable or not. Im positive ill get my refund each time, no worries about that, but, i wonder if its really worth it at all?

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I had a dactylium in mine- proved it with aseptic agar culture. When I emailed them, they already knew about the problem but hadn't recalled it because they are too cheap. Apparently they are no longer producing the grain, or importing it...

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Also got a refund.

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I had quite an email discussion with  Alison from Fothergills. I also sent her a small sample of complaints from a facebook page when the subject was raised.
Here's  a few

Hey Allison, these are some comments that were posted by members of a mycology forum when Forthergills mushroom packets were mentioned.
Each separate line is from a different member.  &#X02639   


Yep. It's a dud product. Return it for your money back if you can.

 Fothergill's 'Forest green mould kit'  lol

Thats all i got to.

 I tired them too and it was pretty much the same result

 I have had 100% failure with their products.

I bought a few of these packets, and grew heaps of fowl mould. Not happy!


 Had hassles from them myself & they never made good on their promise of some replacement spawn...Both packs I bought were contaminated with nasty black mould.

 Yep same experience. Couldnt even isolate a culture from them.

Class action, they should not be selling people stuff that has no chance of actually working.

 i've had mine for over a month, started to pin in the corner then stopped


 I got these out of interest to see if they would work. They all grew a black pin mold for me. I tried them on agar plates inoculated in a positive pressure laboratory. No sign of mushroom mycelium could be found. 

I took them all back.

They're terrible kits. I routinely isolate sterile tissue from wild mycofruit and the grains on the kits were more contaminated than even wild mushrooms. Nothing in the kits was worth rescuing.

Yeah i haven't personally tried them but I've never heard a positive experience.


Unfortunately all the product seems to be doing is turning people off growing mushrooms. I have been busy helping people to grow there own from my cultures and from other mycologists.
Andrew was one of those is now happily on the right track. 
Is anything being done regarding this product?

and here is here response

From: Allison Parrello <[email protected]fothergills.com.au>
Sent: Monday, 18 January 2016 5:26 PM
To: 'Davenwolf .'
Subject: RE: Mr. Fothergill's Seeds & Bulbs: User filled in Contact Us form!


Wow.. that’s really bad. And embarrassing frankly.


Good that we’re not selling it anymore I say!


Ummm… thanks for sharing… I think






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Yes they are no longer selling it, but bunnings still has stock they refuse to take a loss on. Perhaps you could forward to bunnings?

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