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Zen Peddler

DNA results for wild picked oyster/Pleurotus species

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thought this may be of interest. A bright blue species of Pleurotus that I found in the Dandenong Ranges turned out to be a feral Pleurotus ostreatus. Pretty cool to think that oysters are quite literally out there, wild and edible:





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a few years ago i was at the local yaught club and found oysters mushrooms growing in their lawn. they are just down the street from me, so realised probably originated from me. was nice to see.

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Hi mate thanks for the response. Yes there are a few feral oysters around. A white and pink species up around Brisbane and Northern NSW seems pretty close to djamor and there was a brown one I found in the Yarra ranges that I guessed was australis.

The local ones around here always seem blue.

Results were the DNA sequence was 99% similar to American ostreatus and about 96% close to a similar oyster species - it was quite different from australis and Alan Rockefeller stated flat out that it was ostreatus.

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