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Enzogenol ( Pinus radiata bark extract ) for dementia- + contraindications?

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A mate has stock of Enzogenol ( Pinus radiata bark extract ) he was considering dispensing to a relative who has mid/ late stage dementia in an attempt to ameliorate some of her symptoms


His relative is currently on dementia medication.

I'm wondering whether there would be contraindications for supplementing this with Enzeogenol

Most of the publications I've found specifically referencing Enzogenol seem to have small sample sizes and aren't found in ranking journals. A few have taken place at Swinburne tho, which gives me a little more confidence than studies at some other institutions

Incompatible medications for supplementation with Pycnogenol ( another Pine bark extract, in this case Pinus pinaster ) include anyone taking immune suppressants, anyone with a bleeding disorder. Side effects can include increase the risk of hemorrhaging etc.


Could I be right in assuming that there are similar toxicological profiles in both products on the basis of them being extracts of closely related species?

Doses of 480mg/ day over 6 months are reportedly safe for Enzogenol http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0278691512006345

Anyone have experience using or dispensing either product? I'm only working off web searches here.

My first instinct is to recommend against supplementation at this point on the grounds that a) the relative isn't likely to receive much benefit from the supplement at this stage of dementia as it's a long term option, and B) not sure if there is a risk of increased bleeding if the relative suffers a fall while unsupervised.

But I'm very conservative when recommending new things to anyone already on medication unless they can be closely monitored for the first few days at least, which in fact may be possible in this instance

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