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Cactus fruits

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9 minutes ago, Nicsplash said:

I love subdenudata, a real favorite of mine. red flowers would sure be awesome, nice choice @Inyan. My sub hasnt accepted any pollen yet unfortunately but ill keep trying, i think ill have 3 Subs in flower this Spring so ill try some Sub x Sub and as many tricho fathers as i can. I have seen pictures of a Scop x Sub, its beautiful!


Yeah, I imagine scop x sub is indeed beautiful. 


I pollinate my flowers on my cacti, brugmansia, etc... the same way. I cut into them before they are mature and pull the pistil out. I then remove the anthers and pollinate with my desired pollen. Shove that pistil back inside... it means I get to pollinate when I choose to pollinate rather than when the flower chooses to open. I wish you luck with your crosses my friend. 

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Thanks very much, ill post back here if i have any luck, not too far away now :)

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